December 1, 2010

Talent is a myth.

It's just about time for finals, which means I just want to draw/read anything that isn't school related. Been bangin' my head against a cintiq for weeks trying to learn zbrush *baw* and doing a lot of landscape painting. Loving the latter! Apparently though, oil paint never dries when it's so cold look forward to seeing the fruits of my labor in....a few monthes?  Unfortunately, with a lot of 10+ hour days at school, i don't find myself having much energy or inspiration for much else...all the same, I try to force myself to draw some people now and then because that's what you do when you actually want to stay good at something, i hear.

Well, i'm clocking in at decent at best. Derp. here are something things from the sketchbook: girls with buns, Japanese girls (one looks like Noodle from Gorillaz) and some preliminary sketches of Dionysus (who looks like Jesus with a hangover in my favorite one) for my lovely Kristen.

Oh hay, and this was from a while ago, but I was wearing this shirt's covered in a lot of paint now, but still awesome, and still makes me look like my mom:

October 27, 2010

Fall Semester

Hello again. Here are some images from projects I am working on at school.

First...If anyone remember the Russian woman and panther characters that I posted sometime last spring, I decided to use them for my senior thesis. These are just some illustrations I did to warm up to the graphic style I hope to use for the film, as well as a teaser of one of the layouts enjoy!

The rest are from my Animation Collective class, were i was assigned to concept artwork and character designs for a Hybrid 2D/3D music video the class is putting together. I'm in charge of the male and female characters that are trapped in a labyrinth. My Friend Maxine Is overseeing the Minotaur Character, but I coupldn't help doing a drawing anyway. I will probably end up doing more concept work than will appear in the final film, this is just a start:

Orthogrpahics to be modeled in 3d: Final designs will include body tattoos and color which i haven't finished yet.


Bears in the woods

I almost forgot to post these. here are some stills and the final video from this Summer's forray into stop motion.

September 23, 2010

Summer Sketches

This week i've been cooped up at my house with some mystery illness and no TV, so i finally decided i would get around to posting things that have sat on my hard-drive all summer long!


Between dating a Cowboy and reading about the history of Mustangs in the American west, i wound up with a horse fixation (like i haven't had one since i was 4). My mother, also an artist, has always been able to draw horses phenomenally well, which, i think is the reason that any horses in animation or art that are poorly drawn just annoy the shit out of me. But, it turns out they're really hard to draw, so i tried some life sketches and non-life sketches to practice:

Then i broke up with the cowboy and had to find other things to draw...i think it's strange that poorly drawn giraffes and parrots don't bother me half as much? We watched the film Black Orpheus in my Latin American Art History class...i sort of wanted to draw all the characters in the film, but i never got further than a poor likeness of Eurydice, although the sketch itself makes me pretty happy. I also got a job at an exotic imports store...leading the the urge to draw some random chick riding what must be a pygmy giraffe.

I really need no explanation for cats. The tabby on the left is my Fiona, who just had a hurricane named after her...we always used to call her the little grey storm cloud.

June 27, 2010

New Markers, Hreav

Just some recent sketchbook stuff. Nothing all that impressive, they're more like little mental catnaps between projects and things.

I've been putting off dialing down Hreav's design for a while, but it seems like it's finally coming together.

June 7, 2010

Busy Bee

Looks like it's going to be a busy summer! Things are picking up at school and there might be a possibility of some freelance work, so for the occasion, i've started putting together a more streamlined web portfolio on

I haven't gotten around to making it look all fancy yet, but at least now there's something to look at:

May 28, 2010

Piggy backs

I drew this in class today while people were pitching ideas for their thesis films, mostly out of guilt because I never draw these guys anymore.

So Sayo is riding around on Wolfe and making him uncomfortable. With his normal emotional spectrum I figure his expression is somewhere near very traumatized/upset.

A little note about his necklace: The bird skull necklace was part of his early design, and carries a specific function in the story. About a year ago, i was perusing some boutiques in Portland and came across an artist who makes jewelery from casts of various organic matter including twigs, teeth and a variety of skulls. The bird skull pendant i found was almost exactly like the one i'd drawn for after i saved up the money i went ahead and bought it.


May 27, 2010

Weekly Drawing!


in other news, classes are going well. I'm in Stop Motion and Thesis 1 this time around for the art side. You'll probably see more russians as I work on my short thesis film about Varinka and Oskar. And for stop motion, i'm doing bears. Big fat ones.

coincidentally, the latter was the theme for this week on the weekly drawing group on facebook.

May 13, 2010

Look, it's awesome again

I hadn't realized this blog hadn't seen any sweet visual action since April 13th. Oops! Well, I've actually had a lot going on since then. I managed to get through finals, which is very exciting, but  sadly, my grandfather passed away as well, so i had to get back to Portland for the funeral. My mother said she put some of my artwork up on the bulletin board in his hospital room, which made him really happy, especially since it gave him a reason to talk to every doctor, nurse, anyone who came in his room. He was always a people person, so it was comforting for me to know I could at least be with him in that way, if i couldn't see him in person before he died.

I guess the good news is that now I have a bunch of stuff to put up. Here are some various layouts and background studies i did for my Siberian project:

The last four were rather fun, i did the black and white version first, and tried adding the color in photoshop using layers and blending modes. This technique definitely has it's pros and cons, but i really liked how the night color study came out.

And here is just some random sketchbook stuff, and life drawing. bowchickabowow.

That's all for now. I'll be posting a few animation samples up next, as soon as I figure out how to get them online. Also, there will probably be some more sketches and such up next week, after i go back to school and get to use some scanners. Check back soon!

April 13, 2010

just a little bit awkward

for a fun little exercise from
i should really do more of these, they're great practice. I'm sure i could have pushed the designs a bit further, but i wasn't in the mood to think too hard.

March 30, 2010

Another true story


March 25, 2010

Quite rusty.

After i filled up my last sketch book, i discovered that having not done much regular sketching outside of class has had me slowly but surely losing my confidence with drawing people. I bought myself a moleskin to try and get back into the swing of things...things are off to a rocky start, whoooo boy.

My life drawing has gotta a little stiff, i need to find some ways to loosen it up a bit.