May 13, 2010

Look, it's awesome again

I hadn't realized this blog hadn't seen any sweet visual action since April 13th. Oops! Well, I've actually had a lot going on since then. I managed to get through finals, which is very exciting, but  sadly, my grandfather passed away as well, so i had to get back to Portland for the funeral. My mother said she put some of my artwork up on the bulletin board in his hospital room, which made him really happy, especially since it gave him a reason to talk to every doctor, nurse, anyone who came in his room. He was always a people person, so it was comforting for me to know I could at least be with him in that way, if i couldn't see him in person before he died.

I guess the good news is that now I have a bunch of stuff to put up. Here are some various layouts and background studies i did for my Siberian project:

The last four were rather fun, i did the black and white version first, and tried adding the color in photoshop using layers and blending modes. This technique definitely has it's pros and cons, but i really liked how the night color study came out.

And here is just some random sketchbook stuff, and life drawing. bowchickabowow.

That's all for now. I'll be posting a few animation samples up next, as soon as I figure out how to get them online. Also, there will probably be some more sketches and such up next week, after i go back to school and get to use some scanners. Check back soon!

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McManamanimation said...

sorry about your grandpa. But that's great that he saw your artwork. I love the backgrounds! They're fantastic!