September 23, 2010

Summer Sketches

This week i've been cooped up at my house with some mystery illness and no TV, so i finally decided i would get around to posting things that have sat on my hard-drive all summer long!


Between dating a Cowboy and reading about the history of Mustangs in the American west, i wound up with a horse fixation (like i haven't had one since i was 4). My mother, also an artist, has always been able to draw horses phenomenally well, which, i think is the reason that any horses in animation or art that are poorly drawn just annoy the shit out of me. But, it turns out they're really hard to draw, so i tried some life sketches and non-life sketches to practice:

Then i broke up with the cowboy and had to find other things to draw...i think it's strange that poorly drawn giraffes and parrots don't bother me half as much? We watched the film Black Orpheus in my Latin American Art History class...i sort of wanted to draw all the characters in the film, but i never got further than a poor likeness of Eurydice, although the sketch itself makes me pretty happy. I also got a job at an exotic imports store...leading the the urge to draw some random chick riding what must be a pygmy giraffe.

I really need no explanation for cats. The tabby on the left is my Fiona, who just had a hurricane named after her...we always used to call her the little grey storm cloud.

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McManamanimation said...

I LOVE the giraffe drawings!! and the kittys :D