September 20, 2014

Wedding Portrait! And Updates.

I should probably do a more comprehensive update soon. Busy making long-overdue updates to my websites, profiles, blogs resumes and all sort of things. I'm transitioning towards using tumblr as my main blog, but i'm still not sure how it will work out. For now i'll just be cross-posting things.

Also, for people looking through older work, I apologize for the broken links/images. I hadn't been watching my Image Shack account very closely the last year or so, and some how they lost a few images of mine in an update to a new improved interface. Sadly, this was concurrent with my main art storage hard drive and back up failing. Contacted support at Image Shack to see about restoring some of them. They were responsive and helpful, but some of the work is lost for good. On that sorry note, anyone with saved digital copies of my work should contact me ASAP.

ANYWAY. Art is more fun than depressing updates. I'm super lucky to have an awesome family who supports my creative and professional endeavors. My cousin recently commissioned this custom wedding portrait for his wife on their 2yr anniversary. Good looking couple! Lots of fun to do, especially capturing the personalities of their "children" Nera and Dingo.

Congratulations guys!