October 27, 2010

Fall Semester

Hello again. Here are some images from projects I am working on at school.

First...If anyone remember the Russian woman and panther characters that I posted sometime last spring, I decided to use them for my senior thesis. These are just some illustrations I did to warm up to the graphic style I hope to use for the film, as well as a teaser of one of the layouts enjoy!

The rest are from my Animation Collective class, were i was assigned to concept artwork and character designs for a Hybrid 2D/3D music video the class is putting together. I'm in charge of the male and female characters that are trapped in a labyrinth. My Friend Maxine Is overseeing the Minotaur Character, but I coupldn't help doing a drawing anyway. I will probably end up doing more concept work than will appear in the final film, this is just a start:

Orthogrpahics to be modeled in 3d: Final designs will include body tattoos and color which i haven't finished yet.



Riley said...

these are SWEET, katie! it's been cool to be able to watch you work on these in class. i'm always encouraged by your enthusiasm and focus! love the gigantor puffy fur coat she's wearing.

A. Krokus said...

Hey! I love that landscape. You've found beauty in graphic simplicity.

Glad I found you.