September 30, 2009

September 29, 2009

New (Old) sketches DOS.

My good friend Kristen have long been working on a collaborative project, codename "elements" about five adolescents with elemental based powers....which, i've realized sounds a lot like a rip off of Avatar: TLAB, however, it's not. Really. The story and characters are loosely based on various world mythologies...and have little to do with martial arts or pseudo asian cultures.

also. It's Western.


Here are some early concept sketches for the Earth element, Wolfe. He's sort of a "white indian".

He finally ended up looking like this, along with the rest of the Crew. Clockwise - Tula/Sayo (Air), Mym (Fire), Wolfe (earth), and Eudora/Ku (Water). Hrm.

September 26, 2009

Well, hello there.

I'm not exactly sure how it happened, but it seems that the ol' PB and Sketchblog sort of fell by the way side during the last couple of years. As was sort of implied at one point or another, I wound up moving to Denver to study animation...two years later, the results are somewhat predictable!

However, a good number of things have happened, and I've reached a point where i am once again feeling motivated (SSRI'sFTW) and would like to get this here corner of the internets back in full swing. I sort of have to, since I wound up getting some art published in my friends pulp fiction anthology wherein i get to promote myself and this basically I have until the 24th to make good on my word and fill it with exciting things.

While i take some time to get organized, and i tell you, it will take some time, i thought i'd start off by filling the gap by posting some of my favorite odds and ends from the past couple of years, little by little, day by day, heart beat by heart beat....soulful well, until things are all caught up!

Some will have explanations, others will be totally random...but all the more precious for it. LET'S START.