February 11, 2010

OSKAR kittehs!

The rest of the character sheets from my Layout and Production Design class, featuring Oskar, the feline companion to my little Russian gal i posted the other day. Not as sharp a design, but for the assignment, it works.  I guess it would help if i drew more big cats....it's hard to do character design when you're trying to learn how to draw something at the same time, lol. But seriously, drawing big pather-cats with hammer and sickles on their chest has got to be about as fun as crazy rogue military communist villian chicks any day.

I really had to resist putting a little fez on him, srsly.

P.S. If i hadn't mentioned it before, i really really like feedback/critique of any kind on my work, so don't hesitate to leave a comment, even anonymously (although it's still nice to sign your name or something at the bottom so i know you're not like...some crazy android feedback machine. but wouldn't that still be okay anyway? i digress...).

Hey, even if you only do it so I can follow your blog, as long as you return the favor, that's fine too!

okay, enough of my blathering. durdur.


February 8, 2010

in between sleeping and eating

Two projects for school, collectively eating up my time :D
But, actually, all my assignments so far have been pretty fun/interesting.

First up, a model sheet for my Layout Production and Design class:

There's another character sheet to go with it, a panther named oscar, but i am too awesome to have finished those on time (or at all). We'll probably get to see him in the next update.

For my children's book illustration class, we illustrated a nursery rhyme. I choose "Old Mother Hubbard" and took the oppertunity to model her dog after my charlie, who passed away last year.

February 1, 2010

I am so done with winter. I don't even mind the weather..just the cabin fever and drama that comes along with it.