December 1, 2010

Talent is a myth.

It's just about time for finals, which means I just want to draw/read anything that isn't school related. Been bangin' my head against a cintiq for weeks trying to learn zbrush *baw* and doing a lot of landscape painting. Loving the latter! Apparently though, oil paint never dries when it's so cold look forward to seeing the fruits of my labor in....a few monthes?  Unfortunately, with a lot of 10+ hour days at school, i don't find myself having much energy or inspiration for much else...all the same, I try to force myself to draw some people now and then because that's what you do when you actually want to stay good at something, i hear.

Well, i'm clocking in at decent at best. Derp. here are something things from the sketchbook: girls with buns, Japanese girls (one looks like Noodle from Gorillaz) and some preliminary sketches of Dionysus (who looks like Jesus with a hangover in my favorite one) for my lovely Kristen.

Oh hay, and this was from a while ago, but I was wearing this shirt's covered in a lot of paint now, but still awesome, and still makes me look like my mom:


Riley said...

why don't you have any comments on this yet? and why aren't you working for Disney yet!?? you're awesome, katie!

Page Boy said...

Thank you Riley! As always, i really appreciate comments from you, You and your cousin (not to mention his lovely lady) all blow me away!

Taohuoo said...

I can't wait for your next update! Your sketches are always inspiring. Keep going :D
Also, I'm going to look through your links to get some good blogs to follow. *steal