October 27, 2010

Fall Semester

Hello again. Here are some images from projects I am working on at school.

First...If anyone remember the Russian woman and panther characters that I posted sometime last spring, I decided to use them for my senior thesis. These are just some illustrations I did to warm up to the graphic style I hope to use for the film, as well as a teaser of one of the layouts enjoy!

The rest are from my Animation Collective class, were i was assigned to concept artwork and character designs for a Hybrid 2D/3D music video the class is putting together. I'm in charge of the male and female characters that are trapped in a labyrinth. My Friend Maxine Is overseeing the Minotaur Character, but I coupldn't help doing a drawing anyway. I will probably end up doing more concept work than will appear in the final film, this is just a start:

Orthogrpahics to be modeled in 3d: Final designs will include body tattoos and color which i haven't finished yet.


Bears in the woods

I almost forgot to post these. here are some stills and the final video from this Summer's forray into stop motion.