February 11, 2010

OSKAR kittehs!

The rest of the character sheets from my Layout and Production Design class, featuring Oskar, the feline companion to my little Russian gal i posted the other day. Not as sharp a design, but for the assignment, it works.  I guess it would help if i drew more big cats....it's hard to do character design when you're trying to learn how to draw something at the same time, lol. But seriously, drawing big pather-cats with hammer and sickles on their chest has got to be about as fun as crazy rogue military communist villian chicks any day.

I really had to resist putting a little fez on him, srsly.

P.S. If i hadn't mentioned it before, i really really like feedback/critique of any kind on my work, so don't hesitate to leave a comment, even anonymously (although it's still nice to sign your name or something at the bottom so i know you're not like...some crazy android feedback machine. but wouldn't that still be okay anyway? i digress...).

Hey, even if you only do it so I can follow your blog, as long as you return the favor, that's fine too!

okay, enough of my blathering. durdur.


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