February 8, 2010

in between sleeping and eating

Two projects for school, collectively eating up my time :D
But, actually, all my assignments so far have been pretty fun/interesting.

First up, a model sheet for my Layout Production and Design class:

There's another character sheet to go with it, a panther named oscar, but i am too awesome to have finished those on time (or at all). We'll probably get to see him in the next update.

For my children's book illustration class, we illustrated a nursery rhyme. I choose "Old Mother Hubbard" and took the oppertunity to model her dog after my charlie, who passed away last year.


Riley said...

and this is my favorite stuff from you. ever. i'm so impressed with this...

i'm learning illutrator, wishing i was quicker with it. all good things come to those who work really really hard at it.

Page Boy said...

i really should learn illustrator. these were all done in photoshop, hahaha