December 23, 2011

i think i'm part magpie

I love Christmas shopping. Shopping in general is a major pastime of mine, and i have to say it's more fun to pick out things for other people...I just have a bad habit of forgetting that everything i've bought also has to be wrapped until it's the day before Christmas eve. I always get roped into doing wrapping for some other member of the family as well...Needless to say, i spent a good portion of today neck deep in colored paper and ribbon and tape.

I don't have any Christmas art to put up, but all the exposure to gold ribbon and the really delicious Lebanese food i ate tonight probably had something to do with this.

But hey, i'm not really trying to justify drawing a pointlessly gaudy naked woman. Nope. Not at all.


jess said...

Go generic comment go! So...I threw you into my Versatile Blogger 'award'. In other words, I like(a lot) what I read here, and I think other people will too. Smile or ignore this!

Katie H said...

Hi Jess, thanks so much. I couldn't possibly ignore such a cool comment. I'm really glad you enjoy what you read here enough to recommend it to other people. I'll think of it whenever i post. :)