March 7, 2010

Children's Book Illustration

Here are a couple of finished assignments from class. I had wanted to do space girl in traditional media, but i ran out of time after and was too behind in my other classes after i spent a week sick and thought it better to do it up photoshop for the sake of ever finishing it.

The aliens were fun to come up with.


Andy Musser said...

Your "Old Mother Hubbard" is super spiff! I really dig your style; your color theory and draftsmanship are tight! And thanks for your kind comment, I'm glad you enjoy my work!

chipsandsalsa said...

So the other day, in conceptual illustration for some reason i was talking about double majoring and larry asked if you were double majoring. I answered something like, "I think she's just taking a bunch of the classes shes not an illustrator." And he said "She IS an illustrator." Of course, I didn't mean you weren't at all, but hes right, you are an illustrator !! :)