January 14, 2010

Hay hay Unicorns

I can finally post stuff from 2010! Which is why i'm posting a couple of left over things for 2009. I can't even say wht that sort of thing matters to me other than i am pretty neurotic and it gives me something to talk about.

It's hard to say how managed to make it into my twenties still obsessed with unicorns, but I did. along those lines, The Last Unicorn is one of my favorite books/movies, so when i the oppertunity for an illustration presented itself in my illustration class i went for it. The theme was "late arrival" which would probablt make oodles more sense if you're familiar with the story. Apparently though, not everyone in my class is as dorky as me, so i had to explain a number of times why the unicorn doesn't look like a horse.

The rest is sketchbook stuff. I'm working on nailing down the design for Sayo/Tula including her younger version, before and just after she starts living alone in the woods and carrying a gun around.

and a random scrawny girl with a scrawny cat.

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