November 9, 2009


For a final in character animation, we were given a set of designs for a male super hereo team, and asked to come up with a female character. I think she's pretty cute.

Here she is in the line up, with some colors I threw together. I don't really know where the designs for the other characters are from, but i didn't come up with them.
Hruk. So, in other news, Riley and I are going to be hitting up CTN Animation Expo. I'm really looking forward to it, but i feel obligated to have something to bring along with me, so i'm in the process of making business cards. I think it might be cheaper to make some simple ones in Photoshop and print them out on some extra cardstock i have laying around.

Playing around with some of the images on my harddrive at school, this is what i came up with:


Riley said...

wow, she definitely looks like she belongs in the lineup! great job, katie. and your cards are looking nice...i would say go with the one that MOST suits character design, as that is what you're putting yourself out as...a character designer (right?). but i guess at the same time, i like the one with the trees, it quickly says you know how to tell a story. tough choice, you've got too much talent.

Trevor Spencer said...

COOOOOL your artwork is awesome
and i look forward meeting you :)

see ya soon

chipsandsalsa said...

Kate, you totally nailed the style with Miss Mercury! I had such a hard time with that, she fits in perfectly! Still seems to be a sausage fest though hahaha ... minus the baby of course ... uhhh

Anyway, lets go get a drink when you get back !