October 3, 2009

This wont hurt a bit

These are from various storyboards and concept work I had to complete for my Creative Visualizations class. The first story board focused more on Dr. Frank...who I should mention is the creation of a friend of mine Ren. Overall, the first story board wasn't very good, but i liked some of the scenes of Frank interacting with his next hapless victim/patient:

later on, i did another storyboard, in the style of a sequel in which the patient escapes and meets Madeleine in the kitchen (she is reading a note from Frank about picking up more chloroform). I was required to use another artist's style, and you can see where I went with it.

By the end, i was having way to much fun with the style.

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Riley said...

This is AWESOME. you've got a talent for telling stories, keep this up! and please teach me to draw sometime.